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Dairy Product Packaging

Problem Statement:

The rural population does not have revenue making opportunities other than their primary occupation which does not earn them enough money and they are generally under employed..




The idea is to create a visual course that teaches the technology of using the dairy products and storing and packaging them in a low cost way for sale in big cities or for exports. It will also deal with conversion of dairy to finished non perishable products as dry milk, cheese, butter, yogurt or milk based products. As dairy is most economically produced in rural areas in a family owned way, it will enhance the income capability of the average farmers and diversify their income sources..

People Impact:

This has the potential of creating tens of thousands of jobs and value add to the overall economy..

Financial Impact:

Creating more value out of the existing by products will add new revenue streams to the local economies..

Domestic Jobs:


Foreign Jobs:


Domestic Market in Rs:


Export Market in Rs:


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