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International Fashion

Problem Statement:

Understanding of fashion is important in creating garments that are in style and that have a value add in terms of the look and feel. More important is to understand the fashions in other countries and then creation of garments that cater to different tastes. Using garments designs appropriate to the style, fashion, taste, climate and cultural needs of countries is a major benefit and it can open the doors for exports. The knowledge of fashion and the ability to address the needs can create a big opportunity for Pakistan's fashion garment industry..




The idea is to create a program that monitors the trends in various countries through Pakistanis living in those countries . It will bring ideas from Pakistani boutiques as well as experts from the fashion industry in addition to fashion correspondents from various countries that are big garment importers and provide exposure to current style and fashion trends in those countries. There will be emphasis on creating designs that cater to a more global audience. The project is to create this program in a persuasive format..

People Impact:

It can affect 50% of the population by training them in one skill in a short time and empower them to use their time effectively for income augmentation..

Financial Impact:

Empowering a full section of society will create a huge financial growth in one sector..

Domestic Jobs:


Foreign Jobs:


Domestic Market in Rs:


Export Market in Rs:


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